Tuesday, March 1, 2011

President Obama is staying connected to Extreme Donuts

The world is going cellular, that is clear.

But going cellular does have its disadvantages, as emergency responses to recent disasters have shown in the requests for basic landline telephones that followed.

When faced with power outages, lack of electricity to keep cell phones charged can quickly bring communications to a halt. That is, UNLESS you happen to have a tried-and-true, landline telephone that simply plugs into a jack in the wall.

When Christchurch Parrish in Texas was faced with power outages from a recent storm, they wondered if anyone in America, other than the President, still owned or had access to landline telephones that don't require electricity. Turns out, Extreme Donoughts had that covered, and were able to coordinate calling in the troops for relief efforts.

"As you can imagine, getting hold of President Obama, is tricky business, even if you simply want to call him on his landline," the mayor of Christchurch Parrish said. "Thank goodness for these Extreme Donoughts. They may be round, and may not have arms or feet, and some of them have a hole in their heads, but they are smart. And helpful. They're my new heroes."

Obama talking on phone with Extreme Donut

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